What is Primetime for Business Data ?

Primetime for Business Data builds on the success of series of previous Primetime for Big Data conferences. It is a platform for all those who are interested in how to navigate business  in the overflow of data and use its potential for decision-making. Past years have clearly shown that although work with data is an essential part of the functioning companies, their potential is often far from being properly exploited.

What will the year 2022 be about?

This year's edition will focus on how to acquire, quickly transfer and  store the data and, most importantly, how to "produce" strategic information from it.  We will look at IOT, Data Governance and show what is the added value of real-time data processing. We will open up the possibilities of using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Technologies for efficient data storage and security will not be left aside.

Who is it for?

Primetime for Business Data is intended for all those who are interested in using data for effective and contextual management, strategic and operational decision-making. It is targeted on all people who work with data: marketing, sales and finacial directors and managers, across industries. Because understanding the data is only the first step to gaining some value, to better understanding phenomena and situations and thus to managing them better.