What is Primetime for Business Data ?

Primetime for Big Data is success series with nine years that creates a platform for all those who are interested in how to navigate business in the overflow of data and use its potential for decision-making. Past years have clearly shown that although the work with data is an essential part of the functioning companies, their potential is often far from being properly exploited.

What will the year 2023 be about?

This year's edition will focus on how to use AI to sort and process data and "produce" strategic information from it. We will focus on how to use AI capabilities to enrich data quickly and efficiently and gain a better overview of what can be found in it. How to concentrate all data sources and create a unified analytical and reporting tool for managing and optimizing key company processes. How to create a functional "central brain of the company" that would provide each department with advanced data analysis and allow to use the information obtained for its work faster and clearer than before.

  • Data Sorting: How advanced AI methods and algorithms for efficiently sorting and categorizing data enable faster and more accurate processing of large amounts of Information.

  • Predictive analytics: How to use AI to predict future trends and behaviors based on historical data models.

  • Information acquiring: How to gain new insights for decision-making using AI to extract key information from a variety of sources (texts, images, or audio recordings).

  • Process optimization: How AI can help optimize and automate business processes for greater efficiency and lower costs.

  • Service personalization: How to improve customer satisfaction and loyalty by engaging AI to create personalized experiences based on tracked customer preferences and behaviors.

  • Image recognition: What advanced AI methods are available for object and pattern recognition in visual data (beneficial for safety systems and robotics, for example).

  • Risk management: How to use AI to predict risky situations and events early and prevent potential problems.

  • And more...

Who is it for?

Primetime for Big Data is intended for all those who are interested in using data for effective and contextual management, strategic and operational decision-making. It is targeted on all people who work with data: marketing, sales and finacial directors and managers, across industries. Because understanding the data is only the first step to gaining some value, to better understanding phenomena and situations and thus to managing them better.