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Automation of Agendas with AI

Petr Paščenko, Head of Data Science, Profinit

It's nothing new that companies are striving to improve quality and reduce administrative costs through digitization, robotization, and AI. With the advent of LLM, this perennial effort has gained a significant momentum. What used to take years can now be done in just a few weeks in the same quality and at a fraction of the former costs. Let's consider the possibilities, but also the risks of automating agendas, and look at an experience from the specific automation projects implemented this year.

How Much Do Big Data Cost?

Milan Marťák, Lead Software Architect, CEOS Data

A successful business built on data and artificial intelligence is the dream of many managers. However, dreams can quickly turn into nightmares when high costs, extremely demanding management, and the actual usability of available data come into play. The presentation will use practical examples to show what the real cost of a data-driven business is, and what the current global and domestic trends are.

Data as a Product – KB Mission

Martin Gerneš, Data Platform Tribe Lead, Komerční banka

Digital bank is powered by data. How to treat Data as a Product – a new hype or a new quality? Why is the data democratization important? Combining the application development trends and data & analytics trends in modern architectures - to be faster/agile, to have the best quality data in a stronger ownership and a sense for data importance, to have clear definitions & expectations on data for analyses and processing. What are KB lessons learned after almost 2 years of data mesh experience?

Taming Data for the Benefit of Business, or Data-Driven Sales

Ondřej Synek, Chief Sales Officer, Imper CZ

We live in an era where it's not the quantity of data that matters, but its accuracy, timing, and the form in which we receive it. Let's look through the eyes of a sales director at how data can be used in building and managing a sales team, where the correct analysis of market potential is the fundamental cornerstone of success. How do you cultivate a data-driven and motivated salesperson? What tools should they have at the disposal, and how can their effectiveness be maximized by giving them good directives based on the accurate information, rather than on a gut feeling?

Customer Identity as the Key to Marketing Profitability

Pavel Bulowski, Co-Founder, Meiro

In this lecture, we will reveal why customer identity is crucial for managing the profitability of marketing across various industries. An impressive case study with the implementation of CDP will show how effective customer identity strategies can increase revenue and business performance while reducing customer acquisition costs (CAC).

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Block B

Brands in Open Data

Zdeněk Skála, Managing Director, Skála a Šulc

Open data, i.e. resources that are freely available without significant restrictions and instantly accessible, can also be viewed as a sign of the times. They are a manifestation of the era of the shared economy, emphasis on usage over ownership, and the growth of data of all kinds. At the same time, there is a significant shift of human everyday life (entertainment, communication, shopping, etc.) into the online world. This is especially pronounced among younger generations, whose potential is (in theory) emphasized by a lot of brands. However, it doesn't seem that open data is massively penetrating market measurement or marketing strategies. The presentation will therefore attempt to demonstrate the possibilities of open data for tracking key brand indicators and call for their broader use. The example will be the online environment and  brands in the food market.

Dinelytics Completely Changes the Perspective on the Food Market

Tomáš Pětivoký, CEO, Dine4Fit
Zdeněk Svoboda, author Dinelytics, Dine4Fit

The Calorie Tables app has long been the most widely used mobile application in the health and fitness sector in the Czech and Slovak markets, with more than 1 million active users. These users record their daily food consumption in detail, thereby creating a unique database with more than 100 million evaluated consumptions per year.

Our presentation will focus on the new data tool Dinelytics, which processes all data on these food consumptions into unique analyses. The tool is designed for managers of food companies and will provide them with a new and crucial perspective on the food market. Among other things, we will show you the potential hidden in the analysis of food adoption data and why they are important for the marketing and strategic decisions of food companies.

Our Matter of the Heart: The Potential of Healthcare Data and How to Exploit It Properly

Kryštof Kadlec, Consultant, Sophia Solutions

Heart beats, steps, weight, time – these and much more are collected nowadays by various sports devices. With every moment, each activity, and user, vast amounts of data are generated. However, for this data to be beneficial, it needs to be analyzed. Together, we will look into such data using a simple analysis and explore the interesting connections that lie in the data.

New Technologies and Latest Scientific Insights in the Prevention and Risk Reduction of Mental Health Issues in Organizations

Martin Bořil, Co-Founder, MilkyWay be well (spin off společnost Lékařské fakulty MUNI)

Mental health is becoming the number one challenge in modern medicine. Specifically looking at the Czech Republic and people working with computers, 7.5% of this population is at a high risk (people at a very high level of anxious-depressive experience and very high levels of stress). 49% are in the middle, at the boundary between manageable living and serious mental issues. This speech will reveal how the latest technologies, along with the most recent scientific findings and clinical practice, can help people in organizations never to reach this boundary and thus reduce the risk of developing serious mental conditions.

Building an AI team for e-commerce

Viktor Šohájek, Co-Founder, Bytegarden Data Butique

During my career as a head of data science in MallGroup I’ve build from scratch a money machine team that was generating added value through AI powered products. I will be talking about my strategy in building AI teams, tech stack we used and challenges for the industry ahead.

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Business Lunch and Networking

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C: Panel discussion

AI in the Data Era

In an era where data flows exceed our wildest imaginations, AI is the key to uncovering hidden patterns, values, and possibilities. In this panel discussion, experts in the field of data analytics and artificial intelligence will take you into the world of the latest trends, applications, and challenges in working with data. During the discussion, you will learn how to successfully implement AI into your data strategies. You will hear first-hand stories about successes, failures, and lessons learned from real projects. You will have the opportunity to understand how AI is changing the rules of the game in the data field and how you can adapt to these rapid changes.

Antonín Kučera, Head of BI & Data Platform Lead, Livesport

Jiří Maňas, Group CTO & CIO, P3 Logistic Parks

Matúš Pavliščák, Analytics & Data Engineering Manager, Productboard

Pavel Vaněček, Head of People Analytics, Česká spořitelna

16:00 - 17:30


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